What happened with Neteller customer services?

But it applies to the majority of service providers.

I can certainly understand the need of a business to move their CS / Support operation further East and trying to centralize everything there; COST.

But you don´t have to forget that the basics remain. The C stands for Customer and the S for Service.

How can a payment / financial service be so, but really so bad?

You call support and you talk to a ¨robot¨ asking / saying: Account Number, Security questions, blabla… and I can´t help you soRRy (No matter the language by the way in case you think that EN could be better than ES or FR). Another department is ´dealing´ with your issue, please email (wrong email address provided a few times over the phone), then you finally get the right email (by email), send an email and guess what? No answer.

You keep sending emails (a few of them), browsing the company Website for other email addresses and email them all to see if the ´noise´ makes an effect. Guess what? No answer.

Finally, after so many attempts you get an answer: I have passed your email to the relevant person. Ermmm… You want me to laugh or cry after reading this pointless reply and other even least relevant like when they ask you the email the first email address you contacted initially.

8 days without a resolution or even – a human reasonable – answer. Is that even normal nowadays?

The escalations email inbox most be full or broken cause no one answers either. And No phone number available to escalate the problem or have a reasonable answer to your queries?

Come on, come on, come on PaySafe – Skrill – Neteller, etc, etc… How have you sacrifice the quality of service so much? I bet that the brilliant person that came up with all this ideas has never used the service.

Trust is broken! The worst business – as a business is not how much money you make but how you conduct business; at least for the customer – I´ve come across lately. And I thought Vodafone was bad… Everything is fine until you´ve got am issue and you need to use the CS.

Before you were able to talk to someone there, get answers, solve issues in 24 hrs… Now I think – Honestly – you can scrap the Phone Service and leave an answering machine with Options. i.e: for verification press 0, for Net+ press 1, etc… and then you are given – hopefully – the right email address on the first contact by a recording; not on the 5th or 6th. And also then – hopefully – you have someone knowledgeable and who cares – a little at least – to answer your query and really ANSWER.

At least then you would know there is nothing else the machine can do!