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FIFA Confederations Cup

Germany – Mexico By Lucas Lebleu

As you’ve seen these last few days, since we came back from a little break of a couple of months, our resident tipster, Lucas Lebleu, has been on fire. 3 of 3 between the semi-finals of  the U21 tournament in Poland and the first semi yesterday in Russia. For this second semi-final we will bet on the favourite, who’s Germany at an odd 1.95; .

We have a couple of options more if we dare to go against the World Champions with this mixed national team they’ve got for the Confederations Cup.

Mexico Double Chance in 90 mins at 1.95, or taking a Asian Handicap odd of 1.72 on the +0.75 (which is shown as +0,5/+1 in some bookies too.

Some of you, less experienced in betting, are probably thinking, what is this Asian Handicap thing? And the answer is easy, it’s the goals our chosen team can lose by (as in this case you are backing the underdog), for us not to lose our bet or to lose half of the bet in this case as we are backing the +0.75.

This means that, for example, if you bet 100 Pounds or Euros on Mexico at an Asian Handicap of +0.75 and Mexico lose the match by one goal, then you would only lose 50% of your bet. Obviously if the match finishes in a draw or a win for the Mexican team in 90 mins, then you bet is a Winner! If, we are unfortunate, Germany wins by 2 goals or more in 90 mins then we lose our bet.

In summary our tipster, Lucas Lebleu, is going for his fourth Winner in a row this week by favouring Germany at 1.95.

If you are willing to take more chances in exchange for a bigger odd and potential, then you could take Mexico to qualify at 2.50, but this is unlikely to happen in our opinion.

Best of luck to all our readers and remember not to risk over your limits.