Cleaning your Linked-IN connection

As years go by you meet more and more people, business contacts, colleagues and friends to add to your network.

So I’ve decided to do once more my annual LinkedIn cleaning / filtering. I will go through all my contacts and see who I really know, who I’ve been in contact a few times in the past few months / year, and who spams my LinkedIn the most.

I can only advice you to do the same. It isn’t worthy to keep contacts just because your ‘network’ looks larger if you don’t really know them or there isn’t a mutual benefit, unless they are friends or family.

A lot of people write all the time about LinkedIn is not FB, etc. I agree, I don’t have FB for that exact reason.

Don’t complaint all the time about it, but actually do something; remove the contacts that are spamming you, increase your Privacy settings to Your Connections only, don’t accept just anyone before checking what he/she wants from you.

And if you haven’t spoken to one of your contacts in a long time it probably means you can live without him in your network.